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  • Why Do My Lilikoi Plants Have No Fruit?

    It is very easy to grow Lilikoi – “Passion Fruit” plants in Hawaii. The flowers are beautiful and the fruit are delicious! However, sometimes I hear “my lilikoi plants have no fruit?” Basically, it takes about 1 year to start producing fruit. Just be patient- if your plants have many flowers but no fruit, in that case, the plants may need your help. It might be just a lack of nutrition so the plants simply need some fertilizer. Before you purchase fertilizer, please check around your lilikoi plants first. Do you see any bees or butterflies? As you know, most of plants need to be pollinated to produce fruit. If you don’t see many fruits on your lilikoi plants, you may not see any bees or butterflies around?

    lilikoi fruit

    We have two 25-foot long lilikoi hedges, and they are full of flowers in spring through the fall. When this flowering season started, we didn’t see any bees around. So, I decided to be a bee! I walked around the hedges with a couple of Q-tips and collected pollen from the stamen and gently place it on the stigma. It worked, and now we have so many flowers and fruit, and getting more and more- all we needed were bees!


    The last season, we had no problem to have many bees come around our lilikoi plants. But maybe they forgot about our delicious lilikoi plants during the winter? We had to help the bees find our delicious lilikoi again. Bees are guided by a small group of workers who are always looking for a good source of pollen, and we needed to attract them. Lilikoi has a beautiful flower with white and purple colors in the center. Maybe, that’s not bright enough to attract bees far from the sky? We thought they needed some bright colors.

    Bee on flower

    We got several bright colored fake flower leis from Target (a dollar a lei), and placed them on top of the lilikoi hedges. Within 2 days, we started seeing many honey bees and butterflies around our lilikoi hedges again! It worked! It worked perfectly with very low cost. Now, we are waiting to harvest our delicious lilikoi fruit, and love watching the bees working hard for us!

    Fake lei

    My Lilikoi Bliss Sugar Scrub is made from our lilikoi hedges in our yard. It smells and tastes sweet and delicious!

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